Did you know Cannabis can now also give you a “fashionable” high?

Yep, that “Manali ganja” in the farmlands is now one of the innovative crops for fabric production. Not all the weed cultivation in India is illegal – the ministry allows the cultivation of industrial hemp – a resourceful element for India’s handloom, medicinal and edible industry.


Thanks to the Indian fashion brand Bombay Hemp Company, this brand has discovered HEMP (cannabis) as a wonder crop – the “green” solution to our environmental woes! The story of BOHECO  is an amazing and innovative example of sustainable Indian fashion being curated for the world.


They produce everything from outfits to lotions to cooking oils made from hemp, one of the strongest and sustainable crops known to mankind! 😉 My first introduction to this brand was at the Kalaghoda Festival, Mumbai. We were walking past by their stall and I just remember glancing at the brand’s introduction –  “Indian” “Hemp”, “Clothes”, “Sustainable” and “Bombay”. I had to stop and explore this new disruptive collection which has been created with years of hardwork through executing research and projects with the farmers of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.



Indian ethnic fashion has a whole new meaning at BOHECO. Their outfits are a “must-have” in the closet as it is made with the most skin-friendly and sustainable natural fibre. They have an attractive indo-contemporary collection of extremely light, breathable and comfortable dresses, shirts, skirts and kurtas.

Indian women need fashion statements that stay with them every season and complements their style! Firstly, you can pair it up in both ways – ethnic and indo-contemporary. For this purpose, hemp-based outfits fit like a dream and are truly effortless. The days I have worn one of my BOHECO outfits and stepped out, its a day to win compliments.


The style statement of BOHECO is clearly being “minimalist and chic”. It’s perfect for all my day to day activities – work, lunches, gatherings, shopping with friends or travelling somewhere.


I will admit that the clothing is priced at a higher range but it’s an ageless investment. It’s been four years since I got my first dress and till date, it feels new to wear. That’s because, with every wash and iron, the thick hemp fabric becomes softer like linen or mul-cotton. Eventually, at some point, it attains the ultimate texture and then stays the same for life no matter the wear and tear.


By getting BOHECO outfit –

❤ You are helping the farmlands to replenish and sustain. 🙂

❤ Somewhere far away in the mountains, a farmer is smiling because he has found his livelihood in a way where he doesn’t have to be penalized for it and can use every part of his crop.

I am taking this opportunity to thank BOHECO team from the bottom of my heart for coming up with such a kick-ass way of sustainable clothing. Well now I know, wine isn’t the only thing to turn more beautiful with time anymore in my books!😉


Here is a lookbook of the other outfits we own from Bombay Hemp Company

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