Ft. Indic Palate Co. – Adding “Hippie”ness to your everyday clothing by styling it an Indie Way!

Hello beautiful ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful  January of 2019! ❤

Well here is the plan – every month end, we will feature “Brand of the Month“! 😀

Yes, these will be my sister’s handpicked brand choices and to the ones we have approached to cover their fabulous and “hatke” clothing line! Ankita is a big-time stalker of ethnic clothes online and I really want to bring these brands to our readers’ notice!
(After all, sharing is caring! :P)

*drum rolls*

So for January 2019 – presenting Indic Palate Co.!


When and how did Ankita find this brand? One fine day in January, she was browsing through all the posts on Instagram with the hashtag  #sustainablefashion. And Indic Palate Co. caught her attention the moment she saw their post! Well, once she saw their their entire collection online – she found that one outstanding ethnic brand out there which she wanted the two of us to work with! 🙂

And to our amaze, how can we not connect with two best friends (and now entrepreneurs) who have set out on the journey to bring the best of ethnic clothing out of pure passion. So yes, as they like to call themselves – these two soul sisters “Tim and Tim” now create authentic, affordable and quality kurtas (and angrakhas) for Indian women!


(Check out their beautiful collection on the website!)

Here is what the lovely souls of Indic Palate Co. have to say about their journey “For the first 12 months, our small bedroom was our everything – our conference room, our creative space and also our storage area . Our journey is an ambitious one as we aim to unveil multi-layered cultures of the world through our designs. We believe in sustainability and slow fashion!”. 

Ankita was super excited to receive the Indic Palate Co. kurtas and get a touch and feel of the collection that she had seen on their Instagram page. A pure linen material will always reflect its comfort and sustainability factor the moment you touch it. This is one of the major reasons to own an Indic Palate Co. kurta as they will guarantee authenticity and will always be a treasured piece of clothing in your wardrobe!

Well, let’s see how Ankita styled the Indic Palate Co. Linen Kurta and the Shibori Top –

Indic Palate Co. Kurta – MAHA

Hand-embroidered| Pure linen| Anti-fit silhouette
(Inspired by the overlapping of drapes in India.)

The solid grey color linen kurta embroidered with multi-color borders as well side-tassels was an instant hit for my sister! She could not stop planning all the ways she can wear and style it!


For her first look, she styled it with contrast palazzo pants and all I could see was a happy “Indian hippie”! 😀


Well, that is some transition from chic and diva to being chic and desi! ❤

Solitude Shibori 

Pure cotton| Anti-fit Silhouette| Tie-Dye
(The fabric once exclusive to Indian royalties, it is also referred to as woven wind.)

Okay,  those red thin straps against a fine-muslin cotton : Sold! Game! Want! 😀 The top just speaks “comfort”, “ease” and “minimalist fashion”. The A-line fitting of the top and the linear pattern totally exudes indie vibes.


And this look of Ankita’s just took me by surprise!! While I could only think of shorts to pair this up with, my sister decided to leverage the red straps to a matching mul-cotton saree with a simple-oxidised neckpiece! ❤


About Shibori : A traditional and centuries old Japanese technique of resist dyeing which today can be found almost anywhere in India but is commonly practiced in Jaipur.

In part one of the Indic Palate Co. blog, we aimed to bring you the “indie” side of styling these kurtas (and angrakhas) so as to embrace the our and your hippie heart. 🙂

Here is where you can shop their collection –

Stay tuned for the next one, as we will be taking a whole new approach on styling these kurtas (and angrakhas)! 😉

To dearest Tim and Tim (inserting a big virtual hug here!) ❤
Thank you for coming on-board with us and approving us officially to crush and stalk your collection! Your clothes are truly a breath of fresh air in this “fast fashion” market and add the much needed warmth and earthy vibes to our daily lives. 🙂


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