Why Did I start Blogging with my Sister? – From a PR professional’s perspective!

Hey everyone, little sister here! 🙂

As you all know, my full time work is in the field of Public Relations and in my third year of the wonderful journey, I participated in PR Moment 30 under 30. While working on my submission, I came across a crucial question that holds relevance for today’s 21st century market reality – “How do you do PR for the PR Business?”

pr 30

I have decided to take up this question as a blog post. It is my journey and experience as a blogger today which has time and again helped me do PR for the PR business! 🙂

Today, Public Relations has transitioned and evolved from being a marketing tool to a management discipline. Hence, I firmly believe one of the crucial steps is building and showcasing ourselves as the flag bearer of the industry.

So guys, what is it that stands out in your PR skill set as your strength?

Is it writing, social media or digital or media relations?

Our strength needs to reflect not only in our professional day to day activities, but also in how we leverage it as a part of our personal growth, and it surely needs to start somewhere.

So, how does an owned asset (e.g. blog) help me do PR for the PR industry? – Many a times we are the first point of contact when interacting with the external stakeholders or community at large which includes PR aspirants, potential clients and media. A skill set channelized in the right manner helps gain credibility not only for one’s individual profile but also highlight the industry they belong to.

In 2015, during my MBA days, I realized how important it is to have good writing skills and social media expertise for a PR professional’s career.  It was this trigger that led us to co-founding “What My Sister Wore”. A space and owned asset of our own, where we proudly continue to cover Indian fashion, handloom and ethnic trends for readers like you.  This blog has tremendously helped me hone my skills as a writer, strategize social media and interact with some beautiful souls along the way.

Basis this, I would like to share few pointers as to “How can you do PR for the PR business?” – 

  • PR professionals and aspirants are the main asset of a PR firm. Hence, the knowledge and insight leads we possess represents our industry at large.
  • Staying socially, politically and culturally updated plays a crucial role in creating a positive image of the firm via their employees.
  • Identify and Channelize your PR skill/s Invest time and energy in honing it and being up to date about how it can be leveraged in the current market.
  • Identify platforms other than office and workspace – To showcase ourselves as a PR professional and network with the potential stakeholders in the market.
  • Explore recognition opportunities for work done – We should proactively participate in industry events, media opportunities, learning and development workshops as well as discussion forums. This will allow us to network as well as tap new opportunities for ourselves and the PR business.
  • Spread the word –As we will always witness new trends in PR, we should position these PR related updates and package it for the masses across media, digital and word-of-mouth platforms.

I truly believe that the first and foremost power to do commendable PR work for the PR business lies in your own hands and leveraging your skill sets.

For instance, blogging has given me multiple opportunities to provide my two cents of expertise in this filed at a very nascent stage of my career with confidence and first-hand experience to back me up. This in turn has helped me build a stakeholder’s faith not only in my professional advice/work but also the industry at large.




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