HEMP OKAY PLEASE – Bombay Hemp Company

Hello beautiful people!!! 😀

I am super excited to write this blog post because its on a topic very close to me as the “jhalla” person that I am and who can just get amazed by whatever nature has in store – HEMP being one of its most wonder crops! 😀


For the longest time, I thought Hemp could only be seen and used as “weed”, “marijuana” or  “ganja”!  Never knew, this little plant would have so much to offer to us until I came across Bombay Hemp Company! Two years back, at Kalaghoda Festival, my sister and I were walking past by this stall and I just remember my brain recollecting these words and trying to make sense out of it –  “Hemp”, “Clothes”, “Sustainable” and “Bombay”!


That was it – I had to walk in and see what this stall was all about! Greeted by the sweetest BOHECO family, they took us patiently through the brand’s story and their clothing line. And before I knew, I was in love with the whole concept of eco-fashion! BOHECO was our first brand where we learnt about sustainable clothing and ethical fashion.

Under the flagship BOHECO, now there is B Label – a brand that produces unique outfits made from one of the strongest fibres on the planets! Hemp clothes repel UV rays and are carbon-negative! Well, say hello to green again! 😉



Trust me – its a “must” to own one of their outfits and you will for sure start craving for more once you wear a hemp based outfit! 🙂 This rough fibre (hemp) is converted into its exact opposite –  extremely light, breathable and comfortable which makes it a perfect alternative (or sometimes) even better than other breathable materials like linen and mul-cotton!! :O

Another best part – the fitting!!! Hemp clothes fit like a dream and are truly effortless. The days I have worn one of my B Label outfits and stepped out, its a day to win complements and peoples’ attention to a very unique concept. I start ranting the moment someone asks about where I got the outfit from! 😛


❤  The style statement is clearly being “minimalist and chic”. The cloth blends in so easily with the weather that you really wont realize if its too hot or cloudy on some days! Its perfect for all my day to day activities – work, lunches, gatherings, shopping with friends or travelling somewhere. Cannot wait to add more to my “Hemp” khazana ❤


The best feeling is to spend that good amount of money and walk out knowing

❤ You didn’t harm the environment, in fact in whatever way possible you only made it a little better 🙂

❤ Somewhere far away in the mountains a farmer is smiling because he has found his livelihood in a way where he doesn’t have to be penalized for it and can use every part of his crop and turn it into something useful!

❤ Hemp clothes are an investment – you would want to wear it more often because with every wash the cloth is only going to get magically softer! Well you know, wine isn’t the only thing to turn more beautiful with time anymore in my books! 😛 😉

I am taking this opportunity to thank BOHECO team from the bottom of my heart for coming up with such a kick-ass way of sustainable clothing!!! #respect




Here is a lookbook of the other outfits we own from Bombay Hemp Company



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