Daily Drapes with High on Desi Hues

Sarees are timeless and epitome of grace!


There is a saree for every occasion, from festivals to daily wear. In Mumbai’s scorching heat, my sister picked out a few of her essential drapes, for daily wear, perfect for summer or any other season!!

The biggest challenge is purchasing a saree of good quality which can withstand wear and tear of daily commuting and chores. Also, the should have good aesthetic value of block-printing or weaving. Online shopping is always bit of a gamble, where you do not know till you receive the apparel. And every time to go shopping in this busy schedule is also not possible. That is when we came across High on Desi Hues!!! My sister chose three sarees, each of different hue and weave.


She was thrilled at the finishing of the product, which was neat and beautiful. The cloth mul mul, khadi and ikkat fabrics were light and breathable.

It is always a pleasure to find pocket friendly worth-every-penny-online store! Which also has variety of beautiful sarees, to choose from!

 Mulmul Cotton – Floral Motif Block-print Saree :

Any summer season is incomplete without adorning mulmul cotton. The fine weave, light breathable fabric makes it most sought after fabric in this heat. A saree in mul-cotton is a blessing in disguise! My sister loves deep earthy hues, and here she chooses off-white, maroon and black color combination. She has paired this saree with black silk kantha short top from FabIndia, and a relaxed drape.

Vibrant Khadi

Khadi is revolutionary handspun handwoven fabric! It is cool in summers and warm in winters! In our country it was with Khadi the revolution of boycotting english produced garments began, and every mill and person was weaving their own khadi on a Chakra ( spinning wheel).

Summer is also the season for vibrant colours!! My sister got this green and blue combination, symbolizing greenery and clear blue skies! Paired it up with this lovely multicolor kutchi work blouse, for gulmohar, bougainvillea and soanchafa bloom during summers! We call this the garden look! ☺️

She wore this for a routine day of work, after which she had to attend a function, for which , paired it up with these beautiful jhumkis from The Pink Jhumki! 9-9 office wear it is!



Soothing Pastels

No summer wardrobe is complete without pastels! They have this soothing effect on the eyes and mind, that you immediately feel cool and ready to face the soaring temperatures!

This beautiful Ikkat saree in pastel orange and grey was my sister’s personal favourite! The color combination in itself was unique and the ikkat weave made this saree more beautiful! Light cotton, easy to drape and carry, paired it with cotton pin-tuck off-white blouse and a pair of Tribe by Amrapali earrings!




Clothing and Accessories Credits – Summer Dressing 2.0!

Sarees from High on Desi Hues 

Accessories from The Pink Jhumki

Accessories look 3 from Tribe by Amrapali

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