The Wedding Series for the Baaratis! (Part 1)

The most awaited series of my sister’s wedding collection is here! This one is for the Baaratis in the house!!! 😀


In this blog, we have sourced some of the best outfit choices that my sister and I have gathered over a couple of years and have been wearing it in one way or the other for weddings!

As a baraati, when we head out to shop for outfits we wish for the following things –

  1. Comfort – Let the outfit not bite me with 100s of pokey strings, weigh me down or hang loose making me look like a hanger!
  2. Budget – Let there be enough budget for the dress, couple’s gift, my travel, and BYOB!! 😛
  3. Reusable – Let me have this dress till eternity and wear it secretly to every wedding I ever have to attend!

I am sure, all of us can relate to these wishes! So let me show you how we pair up our wedding attires for different occasions.


For mehendi, we prefer going for maxi dresses, long skirts and tops which are either half sleeves or sleeveless! This allows us to move freely without stressing much about handling or adjusting the outfit again and again! We usually don’t prefer sarees or kurta – chudidars because overall it will really restrict movement than what it already is.

c 4

  1. Indigo maxi Dress – Roopkala, Marine Lines, Mumbai
  2. A-line front button long kurti/jacket – Epiphany by Payal Goenka
  3. Blue top & Skirt – FabIndia & handloom shops of Gujarat

c 5

  1. Orange maxi Dress – Vastra by Milonee
  2. White kurta and skirt – Mom’s closet
  3. Blue Paisley Maxi Dress – Kharakapas


Whatever we choose for our Sangeet – it needs to have flare! Anarkalis, tops and skirts continue to be our top picks when scouting for outfits that will complement our thumkas! 🙂 In case your current skirt or dress doesn’t have the flare, you can always go to a tailor and request him/her to attach can-can directly onto the lehenga/dress, on the inner side.

collage 2

  1. Koti + Anarkali Suit – Biba
  2. Silk Kurta & Skirt – FabIndia Colors and Mirrors
  3. Anarkali & Chudidar – Biba and FabIndia

Mix and Match 

At my place, mix and match always happens and its really fun to do so! There have been weddings where the thoughtful pairing of clothes helped us save time and money!

Yellow suit

This Kurta & Palazzo set has been worn on multiple occasions but we manage to blend it according to our taste.  (FabIndia and handloom fair of Gujarat)

Green skirt

You can pair up a skirt with a long-kurti or a shirt as well! In this picture, we got all of it stitched from a tailor in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.
Also, can you spot the difference? Well, we attached the cancan later to add flare (pic 1 vs pic 2)! 😀

Orange suit 1

The orange silk kurta with golden zari work is from Coorg! 🙂 My sister paired it up once with its own chudidar and this other time with off-white palazzo pants that my mum got from a handloom fair in Gujarat.

Blue lehenga

Again, both are tailor-made outfits from the same shop in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. In the first pic, my sister decided to wear it for our cousin’s sangeet and in the second one, she decided to pair it up with a long-golden zari tailor-made top for her friend’s reception night.

Treasured Pieces 

Over the time, my mom, sister and I have bought a few pieces of outfits which continue to be timeless! Yes, we did spend a few extra bucks on these but guess what…its been years of having it in our closet.


  1. Lucknowi – Chikankari Anarkali Suit – Sister bought it from Neemrana Boutique, Opera House, Mumbai (Year: 2016)
  2. Bandhni Lehenga – Mom bought it from Jaipur (Year: 2008)
  3. Phulkari Suit – Mom bought if from Chandigarh (Year: 2010)
  4. Lehenga – I bought it from Kala Niketan, Mumbai (Year: 2015)

Shaadi vala ghar!

Quite often, wedding occasions and functions are evenly spaced out over 3-4 days!  So for the laid back or for days when you have some wedding related work, you can select one of these outfits and chill in full on desi mode!


  1. Pink Maxi Dress – Global Desi
  2. Chikankari Kurta – Rajkumari Fashions
  3. Indigo Maxi Dress – FabIndia
  4. Paisley-print Maxi Dress – FabIndia

This brings us to the end of this our part 1 of the blog!!! 🙂 Being a baraati is really fun as you get to soak up all the wedding fun, wear your treasured shaadi vaale outifts and just spend the happiest moments with your loved ones!

So next time you pretty ladies are at a wedding, own the “baraati” tag in style! 😉


Stay tuned for part 2 – The Wedding Series for our Dulhaniyas!  😉

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5 thoughts on “The Wedding Series for the Baaratis! (Part 1)

  1. This post was so fun and really really helpful!! I have a bunch of wedding functions coming up and your post is just perfect for me. Lots of love. 💕


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