Bring on your Koti game!

It is our favorite time of the year! Yes you guessed it right, Winters are here! We have always been by the bay and hence never had an opportunity to adorn all the awesome winter apparel that there is!

But we found our solitude in cotton jackets and quilt Kotis!

We only need a reason to layer and wear our kotis, as soon as it gets chilly ( which is merely 20 degrees and yes we have no idea what bitter cold feels like! 😛).

Long cotton outerwear!

e staple

1. Green koti @karpasa, Mumbai

koti @maxfashions, Mumbai

ble kurti – Jaipur

ith long jackets!

1. Thrifted from Crawford Market, Mumbai

rom Buzz A Bag Exhibition, Mumbai.

Boutique , Pune.

Kurti – @westsidestores

h coats!! All cotton ♥️

Pic 1 – Indigo trench coat @tjoritreasures

Pic 2 – Kalamkari blazer @ajiolife

2 thoughts on “Bring on your Koti game!

  1. Hey Ankita and Suvarna,
    After seeing this post is feel like owning everything out there. It would definitely suit from the place I belong Bangalore but might not be very useful as I live in Bay area of Arabia Muscat.. Anyhooo loved all the over coats.. Thumbs up for the quilt coat with the saree.


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