Tale of Ethnic Dresses! 

First came the long kurtis, anarkalis and then palazzos and straight pants! Then probably someday someone decided to put up a belt on the kurti, ditch the bottoms and wear Oxford shoes or kolhapuris! Just like that, ethnic dress concept was born!! 

That is the beauty of these long dresses or kurtis, whatever you like to call them! They are textbook definition of comfort clothing! And the number of  prints and cuts you can combine are endless! Best, they are all cotton, linen, mulmul our all time favourite! 

Here are some of our favorites! 

Look 1 : blockprint cotton dresses 

Look 2 : Indigo Dresses! ( How can we not love those! Never saw an Indigo print we didn’t like!)


Cotton shirt dresses are ideal for work! 

Relax fit Formal cotton dresses! 

Our favourite brands for these comfortable cotton dresses are Westside, BOHECO, Firoza, Fabindia and Masterji 😊! 

Go ahead, get yourself one today and flaunt them!! 

6 thoughts on “Tale of Ethnic Dresses! 

  1. Lovely! May I ask where you picked up the 3rd (pic) dress in the block print section, 3rd (pic) dress in the indigo section and the 2nd and 4th (pic) dress in the shirt dress section – would love to get my hands on them!


  2. Hi guys, must say awesome collection and i really love how you both absolutely swear by cotton like me❤

    Ankita di since ur based in Kolkata, please tell me in Kolkata which tailoring shop u get ur dress,kurta or blouses stitched? Please help me out as i tried so many but not completely satisfied.


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