Getting quirky with unique blockprints from Chhapa!

Hola pretty readers!!! 😀

This week we are bringing back our love for block-prints in collaboration with Chhapa!!! They surely know how to adhere to the traditional roots of hand block printing and at the same time infuse these with modern day contemporary styles!

Untitled 1.png

I have one word for their innovative clothing line – QUIRKY (into a 100 times) = QUIRKYYYYYYY! You can expect doodled elephants, auto rickshaws, fish and mangoes what not on their soft cotton material!!!

My sister received her package with a Chhapa top, shirt, jumpsuit and a dress! ❤ As excited as we were to get it, we were more excited to pair it up in different ways and explore the streets of the Kolkata! 🙂

Picture Credits – Rishav Ghosh

Elephant Crossing (the dress)!

This pastel dress has a border of doodled elephants block-prints running across! It has “cuteness” written all over it!


Own it and Flaunt it! Link to this Chhapa Dress!

Lets go and fly a kite! 

This one is from the Chhapa’s men’s collection and I was the one to call for this one! I wanted to see how my sister would pair up my favourite style mantra in her own way!

So she decided to put together an “earthy” look with the loose men’s shirt. ❤


Own it and Flaunt it! Link to this Chhapa Shirt!

Free as a birdy!

Off shoulder – frills – jumpsuit: Need I say more!!! This cutest birdy print jumpsuit is my sister’s answers to all her sunny lunch plans, beach tours and just all her chirpy days!


Own it and Flaunt it! DM them for this Chhapa Jumpsuit!

Check Mate! 

“Lazy dressing” is an in-thing (in my world :P)! So when this top came by, all I could imagine is that this would be my go-to top for comfy and slow-mo days! And my sister did exactly the same! She paired this quirky loose top with an asymmetric skirt. She made sure that the checkered-prints, colours and tassels complement each other!


Own it and Flaunt it! Link for this Chhhapa top! 


As we say in most of our blogs, these “desi” brands inspire us! Every time we collaborate with a homegrown brand we learn more about their amazing ‘behind the scenes’!

At Chhapa, Indian artisans and craftsmen work together to create a beautiful outfit right from finding the perfect cotton seeds to giving it a definition in the form of an outfit! Their undoubted skill of block-printing and mastery of handwork along with their knowledge of the material makes these products sustainable and 100% “Made in India”.

We want to thank this super amazing brand for collaborating with us! We loooooooooove every bit of what you make and how you make!!! ❤ 🙂

Hey there 🙂

Have you landed on our blog for the first time? Well, in that case, welcome aboard and thanks a ton for reading these beautiful Indian tales of ethnic fashion! 😀

We are two sisters who are in love with ethnic and indo-contemporary fashion and what better way than to write about it! 🙂 

So here’s lots of “desi” love coming your way! Stay tuned for more! 🙂 ❤

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Ankita and Suvarna 


2 thoughts on “Getting quirky with unique blockprints from Chhapa!

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