My Sister’s favourite when it comes to Office Wear – Part 1 (Ethnic)

“When life gives you Monday, put on that ethnic attire and glitter all day.”
– My Sister’s version 😀

Hola Ladies!!! 😀 It’s been the longest since we met last on WordPress (virtually! :P). It has been such a crazy few months in terms of work, travel and what not! And then recently *drums rolls* – My sister moved to Kolkata to live with Jiju for a year! Yayyy!! 🙂

So before she left for Kolkata, we did a bunch of themed photo shoots with our new-found member on the WMSW team Zeeshan Khan. 🙂 For this shoot, she dug out the best of  WORKWEAR collection from her closet. This blog is about her three avatars in ethnic attires for daily office routine. 🙂

So in one room as I get ready and try to look somewhat close to being presentable and less sleep deprived :/ , in the other room my enthusiastic sister takes efforts to decide what to wear to her clinic! She walks in and you cannot “not” notice her! ❤ ❤

In this blog, she has put together three looks in different ethnic outfits which are easily available, comfortable to wear all day and make up for good office wear!


The next time you feel like “It’s too white.” or “Is this too plain?“, just pick up the most contrasting shades of jackets and neckpieces for your pastel suit.

IMG_0697 (1)

In this look, my sister is wearing an off-white Chikankari Kurta paired up with an Ombre-Silk Nehru Jacket. She managed to find a matching neck piece which just added up to a perfect attire for work. So yes, just two things and it changes everything about a plain Chikankari Kurta being worn to work. 🙂


It’s a task to accompany my sister to a tailor’s shop where she spends hours deciding and searching for borders, tassels, and threads for her suit piece. She will pick up all sorts of bedazzled things so as to enhance the look of whatever she is getting stitched.


This kurta needed a little work before it could be worn for office or just in general. My sister added a pink border from another cloth piece and got matching tassels for her back cut. Whenever she wears it, she makes sure, she has something around the neck – an accessory or a dupatta so as to add up to the whole look.


It’s literally a “Friyayyyy” feeling on Fridays at the workplace! 😀 So why not pull out desi casuals – loose kurtas and straight comfy pants. Usually, my sister’s weekend plans are grabbing a cup of coffee with her friends or the two of us heading for dinner to some local outlet :). And what can be apter than this attire for office + weekend plans!


My sister got this kurta from Global Desi and pairs it up with straight pants, leggings or straight pants! The best part – the cut of this kurta helps you keep yourself accessory free! Quite hassle-free, I must say!

So this brings us to the end of our 1st blog out of the two that are planned on office wear! Wishing you all a happy week ahead…oh! and a festive one too. 🙂

A special mention for our photographer Zeeshan Khan. 🙂

Hey there 🙂

Have you landed on our blog for the first time? Well, in that case, welcome aboard and thanks a ton for reading these beautiful Indian tales of ethnic fashion! 😀

We are two sisters who are in love with ethnic and indo-contemporary fashion and what better way than to write about it! 🙂 

So here’s lots of “desi” love coming your way! Stay tuned for more! 🙂 ❤

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