The mystical land of Bagru – Before and After! (Fabindia X WMSW)

Fabindia is a synonym to us for an Indian homegrown fashion brand. It’s been more than a decade of visiting to Fabindia outlets – be it a mall,  standalone or even an airport! 😛 Our mommy introduced us to the brand years ago and till date, we keep visiting every once in a while to lay our eyes (and money :P) on the new collection.

I was a chotu bacha and the only thing that attracted me at the store was their newspaper bag with Fabindia written on it while my mom and sister spent hours skimming through all their collection. That’s my first happy memory of the brand and till date, that newspaper shopping bag makes me happy, but now my  reason is “I got new stuff”!! 😀


Flashback to one of our first blogs where we covered Indigo and Fabindia 🙂 #June2014


So yes, our love for this brand is a universally known fact and who knew one day my sister and I will get to know the #behindthescenes of how these Fabindia pieces are produced. What you love is what you get!!!

So this full and final blog of our journey will take you through my sister’s day at Bagru where she got to spend time with the community during their work day.  


On one of the mornings in early May, my sister met the artisans and craftsmen at the Bagru center. These people have gone through training and development program of Fabindia; an initiative by the brand that helps the community adopt the traditions and the technique and apply it to their daily production work. 

As the day went by, she went department to department and absorbed the energy and consistency with which the work is done. The sense of freedom and independence that the community has was enough to fuel my sister to work along with them in the scorching heat.

Throughout the day she was accompanied by the Fabindia team and the people of Bagru. She told me how she felt no different in that group. She was amazed to experience the harmony between people and respect for each other’s work. She was told by one of the heads of the community that there was a time when once in a while the families couldn’t afford two times meal. Work was the same but the restricted exposure didn’t take them far.

My sister then met Mr. Derawala who single-handedly managed to bring Bagru on the map of India as a destination for traditional printing and dyeing. Being a Padmashri awardee and the member of the Chippa community – he has successfully managed to bridge the gap between supply-demand of these homegrown materials to brands such as Fabindia. With one center, multiple departments and platforms – Fabindia and visionary people such as Derawala continue to work together and bring the world best of ethnic fashion from the mystical land of Bagru. 

In the end, a big thank you to Fabindia who gave us the opportunity to know in-depth about one of their famous collections – The Indigo collection. It is in stores and we can’t wait to get our hands full!  We are super proud of this brand and every person connected to the cause of developing a community and providing them the much needed economic freedom and also, making their work globally known as well available.

Hey there 🙂

Have you landed on our blog for the first time? Well, in that case, welcome aboard and thanks a ton for reading these beautiful Indian tales of ethnic fashion! 😀

We are two sisters who are in love with ethnic and indo-contemporary fashion and what better way than to write about it! 🙂 

So here’s lots of “desi” love coming your way! Stay tuned for more! 🙂 ❤

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