Anek Chidiya by Firroza

Hello readers!!! This blog is a special one! It is surely going to take you down the memory lane! 🙂 May brings us so many memories of “garmi ki chuttiyan” (summer holidays) and more than that, the beautiful elements that would make these holidays fun!

For my sister and I, it was going to our Nani’s or Masi’s house in another city where all the cousins would gang up to play all day long, stay in loose cotton clothes and eat all the yummy food! Sleep to the sound of the cooler and mommies chit chattering, and wake up to the chirpy sound of sparrows! Aah the sparrows..weren’t those little birds the “jaan” of our summer vacations. Their playfulness and energy was enough to subconsciously fuel us for another day of adventures and games! 😀 Even when the school started or whatsoever our day was, their sounds would add the much needed life and infuse a jovial mood around! But today, where have the sparrows gone and why? For the need and greed of city life, we ended up losing our childhood companions! They found a new home away from us and now only make brief visits once in a while!


The designers we work with, they always always leave a “lesson to be learnt” mark in our lives. This time it was the recent collection of Firroza Clothing that took us down the memory lane! Firrozza’s Anek Chidiya collection, is the tribute to these small, beautiful sparrows.


Here’s what Renu Bhagwat, the beautiful soul behind Firrozza quoted in one of her posts – “We want you, to notice that little sparrow in your balcony. Wearing Anek CHidiya we can affirm you that, you are going to perceive this beautiful little bird every day. Let’s save this little chidiya by wearing Anek Chidiya.”

My sister tried four different outfits of this collection and it had comfort written all over it! Listen up ladies, our Indian summer holidays truly call for these dresses –  the big flare, soothing cotton, vibrant colors and the sweetest tribute embedded through handwoven designs! ❤ 🙂

Photography by – Krishanu Roy  

“Birds in a bare bush beneath quiet noonday beams,
tail flicking, preening, dreaming Summer dreams.”

The hush green shade with a tinge of blue birdy and the buttons – say yes yes yes to this green dress! 😀 The vibe of this maxi dress itself is so soothing.

“On a gentle summer day, a tiny bird takes its first flight,
Doing cartwheels in the wind, it sails above day turns to night.”

This maxi dress is all about its flare and the uneven cut! The splash of yellow on pastel cotton and the perfect contrast of two blue birds make it an ideal summer wear! 🙂

“There, on the high branch backs to the sun
– sparrows – steeped warm.”

Collar maxi dress!!! ❤ It couldn’t be better than this..a dress for your Friday work wear, lunch plans and evening outings! The blush pink and blue are my favorite combo! So ladies, tie up the bun and soak up some sun! 😉

“Fly Up High, In The Sky
Spread Your Wings And Do Your Things”

This sky blue maxi dress in an A-line cut answers all your questions to comfy clothing for the heat in Mumbai! For me, the design of the sparrows is my personal favorite!!! ❤

This brings us to the end of the blog! 🙂 The reason we love the brand Firroza is because of the thought and the heart given to each of their outfits! “Anek Chidiya” as a design concept is truly a heartwarming one and we cannot wait to see you all join us in this tribute!

Check them out on Instagram for more! 🙂 Until then..Lets fly high birdies!! ❤ :*




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