Holi Prep for Skin and Hair :)

Holi is here and we are sooooo excited!!! 😀 The festival of colours and joy kick starts today and we cant wait to start with the celebrations!!! I have already stored some rang, thandai and holi snacks!! 😛

As we are gearing up to get the party started, the festival also calls for some safety measures regarding our eyes, skin and hair. So here’s our version of “take care” for Holi –



Before – We cannot stress enough about oiling the hair as it helps block the colours from seeping in. Comb them in order to detangle the strands. This will prevent the hair from getting super messed up post Holi. While oiling do not forget the hidden places – behind the ear lobes and lower scalp. If you have medium-long hair, its advisable to tie it up and then give another round of dabbing some oil. Wear a bandana or hair band so that the tip of the scalp stays protected not only from the colours but also from the harsh sun that may cause tanning.


After – We have been told a lot of times that how cold water works well for hair and on this day its even more important to do so.Choose a mild shampoo (FabIndia – Honey Oatmeal) for hair wash.  Pump lots of conditioner (Kerastase – Discipline) on you hair and make sure it covers every strand of hair. A wide-tooth comb can be used to detangle strands and spread the conditioner evenly. The next step would be to apply a moisturizing leave in serum (Kerastase – Elixir Ultime and B Blunt Anti-Frizz) on towel dried hair.



Before – 

Eyes – Oiling with olive oil/coconut oil beneath the eyes and on the eye lids ensure that the colour doesn’t stick around. During the festival, consciously take an effort to keep washing your eyes with water. Keeping your shades on also helps a great deal in preventing any damage to your eyes. We all have thrifted shades from our street shopping indulgence and holi is the perfect time to sport the reflector wayfarer you got for 120 bucks! 😎

Skin – A mixture of olive oil and lemon drops is the perfect solution for prepping your skin and moistening it before stepping out. The second step would be to definitely use sun-screen lotion/gel and ensure that we also protect our skin from tanning.

Nails – Nails can easily get coloured and it takes days to get rid of it! So, oil them and apply nail paint before stepping out. The nail polish will act as a barrier and prevent the colours from dyeing your nails.

After –

Skin – Avoid using harsh soap or shower gel. Instead a mild shower gel that would help rub off the colour as well as prevent drying up of skin will work wonderfully well! 🙂 Don’t wait up for drying up, start applying moisturizer on damp skin! We love Body Shop products for our skin care – they are literally saviours during such occasions.


  1. Use of safe colours  – Make sure the colour packets have the “non-toxic” mark and are skin friendly. The texture should be soft and 100% powdered rather than harsh that contains traces of crystals.
  2. Keep animals away and safe from colours – Stray animals as well as pets are often coloured by some mischievous souls. We don’t realise that they might be super sensitive to  the colour contents and can develop long-term skin  and eye problems. So avoid goofing around with animals on Holi as well as stop others from doing the same.
  3. Dressing up – Make sure you layer up well in case you are planning to wear light colours. My sister loves wearing white for Holi. She will dig out old kurtis and salwar salwar and pair them up with tiny accessories and comfortable footwear.

As we wrap up the blog,  here’s wishing all our beautiful readers a safe and happy Holi! May the festival bring joy and colours to your life and loved ones!!! ❤ 🙂






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