Our favourite picks from Kalaghoda Festival 2017!

Weekend is here!!!!! I can tell because my day is starting now, at 4:51 pm! 😛 😀

You know guys, even after two thorough rounds of Kalaghoda Festival, I still feel like running away to that place and exploring from scratch! Everyday the same place tells a different story!


One thing we love about this festival is the stalls they put up! They are not the “everyday-go-to” brands! These brands stand for a cause, be it the NGOs raising awareness  or the designers and their artisans sharing tales of creativity through clothes, accessories and home decor.

So, needless to say, we shopped (and hogged :P) at the festival and would love to share with you what we bought! Also, this is our way of saying  the creative souls a huge thank you for selling such amazing stuff at the festival!

Here is what we bought and loved! 🙂 

Bombay Hemp Company  – Eco Fashion at its best! 

Honestly, the reason this brand drew my attention was because of the word “Hemp” 😛 ! I was mind blown to know that hemp can be used to produce cloth which is a perfect alternative (or sometimes) even better than linen!!! :O It was very sweet of the guys at the store to take us patiently through the brand’s story and the collection. And before I knew, I was in love with the whole concept of eco-fashion! When I came home, I googled them and found this article which is a must read to understand their story! 🙂

#whatweloved – We loved this formal knee length dress with puff sleeves and bought it in two colors – grey and mustard yellow. We couldn’t stop crushing on the mint blue bell-sleeves top and an aumbry collar swirl dress as well (next on our list)! For guys, there were crisp hemp shirts and kurtas to choose from! Basic colors and the fitting of clothes make it an ideal workplace wear! The basic or checkered hemp-woolen stoles are a perfect add on for almost any outfit that you would choose! 🙂

#FindThemAt– Stall No. – 71, near Rhythm House

Flying Fish – Life is too short to wear boring jewellery! 😉

Two reasons for visiting this store –
1. We were told by a few people at the festival that we must visit it!
2. My sister’s stalker skills – her eyes popped out when she saw the stall live in Mumbai instead of their Instagram feed.

I am not a “jewellery” person but after visiting this store, I want so many of their pieces and make my own “flying fish” collection! ❤ 🙂 And on the other hand, my sister ended up buying one piece instantly and has already decided what’s next in queue for ordering! 😀

#whatweloved – The designs!!!!!! (it doesn’t need any further explanation) ❤

#FindThemAt – Stall No. – 23, near Rhythm House


Malkha – A step to revive the handwoven cotton textile tradition

A brand that works with and also for the farmers, the ginners, the spinners, the dyers and the weavers! 🙂 The industrial production  of cotton leads to pollution and large scale exploitation of workers and artisans! Since 13 years, Malkha is training the skilled workers across locations to produce hand woven cotton which has led to creation of sustainable income groups as well as environmental friendly production.

#whatwelovedThere is a vast difference between mechanically produced cotton and traditionally woven cotton! After trying out the dress and saree from Malkha, we truly support the cause as well the collection! 🙂 We always say that cotton is comfortable even though its a result of an industrial model. So just imagine the feel of natural production – pure and comfortable!!! ❤

#FindThemAt – Stall No. – 38, At Cross Maidan

Okhai – With love from Mikhapur, Gujarat

A motto as beautiful and empowering as “Working women for working women” is the crux of Okhai’s collection that includes kurtis,  bags, cushions,  bedsheets and stoles.The blend of modern designing with age old craftsmanship is evident in their collection.

#whatweloved – The pattern and fitting of clothes is what we loved the most! I did not even try my top because the feel and look itself was assuring! 🙂 My sister bought an asymmetrical indigo skirt with yellow tassels and I swiped my card for the long awaited bell-sleeves short top!!! 😛 😀 Wohooo!

#FindThemAt – Stall 18, Cross Maidan

Firroza Clothing – Mumbai meets Jaipur

The brand is all about effortless fashion and play of colors! You will find everything from belts to dresses and tops! Our previous blog will tell you in detail about Firroza. 🙂

#whatweloved – My sister loved the flare and play of colors whereas I loved the variety of outfits at the store! Tops and dresses with tassels are a must have from Firroza!

#FindThemAt – Stall No. – 39, Near Rhythm House

And this pretty much sums up our Kalaghoda Festival shopping spree for this year!!! ❤ 🙂 The Kalaghoda Arts Festival was a crazy ride – full of energy, food, clothes, causes and performances and we are already looking forward to next year!


I bought this bag from the Welfare of Stray Dogs stall! 😀 The message on this bag is for all the people we met at the Kalaghoda  Festival! 🙂 *woof woof*







One thought on “Our favourite picks from Kalaghoda Festival 2017!

  1. Hi Suvarna,

    Your experiences are super super super amazing!!! This is really helpful as I get to know new things!!! Your snapshots and writing are amazingly simple and super fun to read!!!! Super thanks!!! Super thanks!!!! Super Thanks!!!!! Also, super thanks to your co-founder too!!! thanks!!!!

    Super Blessings,
    Akash N

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