Firroza Clothing – Be colorful and different always! :)

Hello, peeps!!! It has been the longest since we wrote something!! Sooooooo much has happened in the past few months that it’s not even funny! All feels like one big dream! :O 😛 For me, it’s been a while at the new job and for my sister, its just been a month and a half since she got herself a mister!!!!! 😛 😀  Yup, she got married and is super happy in her new chapter of life! You all must have seen tons of pics on our Instagram page regarding this! A big big thank you to all our readers who sent their good wishes! It felt great to see such overwhelming messages! *hugs* 🙂 ❤

Well, now it’s time for us to revive the blog again and bring to you the best of what ethnic fashion has to offer in the year 2017 and there couldn’t be a better place than this year’s Kalaghoda Festival to do so! It was in December when we connected with Renu Bhagwat –  an Architect and Planner by academic qualification but a super creative fashion designer by passion. Based in Jaipur, she has her own studio in the pink city and the brand is named “Firroza“. Since 6 years, she has not only handled Firroza but also done design work for Fab India and customized stitching work for selected clients. So, you can only imagine the kind of amazing work she does with her clothes!!!


At Firroza, the aim is to deliver comfort clothing as well as premium daily wear for working women. Hence, the brand uses traditional tailoring & finishing techniques like fagoting, hand finishing etc. and also local traditional crafts of Jaipur.


Before we deep dive into #WhatMySisterWore at Firroza, here are the details for the stall: You can find them at Stall no. – 39 and it is advisable to enter from the gate near Rhythm House. The collection is between the price range – Rs. 500 – 3000. You will find bangles, belts, scarves, kurtas, maxi dresses, tops, jackets, and shirts! The collection will be available till 13th February.

Our favourite picks from Firroza Clothing – 

Blend it in with a multicolor and patchwork jacket

This jacket is filled with different color patches of ethnic designs which make it a “must have”. You can wear it with almost any basic kurta, shirt or dress and not worry whether it will match or not!


#WhatMySister has to say – You can wear it just like a top as well! When you decide to wear it over pants or dresses, choose the basic colors so that it highlights the jacket! To complete the look, add minimal jewellery and wear basic footwear! Let your jacket do the talking 😉 


Some colors are meant to be our forever favourite! Pink and Blue..One of them, it’s you! 😛 

This half-knee length dress is available in bold colors such as yellow, orange and pink! Our favourite of the lot was Pink that had a tinge of blue! Again, the tassels on the border of the dress stole our heart! If you notice the fitting, there is a bit of flare which was another adoring factor!


To pair it up, Renu gave my sister a reversible jacket! Yes, you read it right – reversible!!! 😀 One side was an indigo blue and the other was off-white with block prints of blue and brown! Well, at her stall you will also find Indigo and ethnic cloth bangles which compliment almost any “desi” attire!


#WhatMySister has to say – You can a do a lot of “masti” with this dress! Just one bold color allows you to add tons of things to make it quirky! So I added these –  

  • “Nath” (Maharashtrian style nose ring)  – from Moha 
  • Jacket – from Firroza Clothing itself
  • Ethnic prints bangles – again from the designer’s collection

Who said Grey is dull? We say it’s Bold!

Grey is one color that will suit any season – be it the cold weather or a hot summer afternoon, this maxi dress is your go-to wear! Aaaah the pockets and tassel work on the collar as well as the sleeves just makes life easier by not having to accessorize separately! ❤


#WhatMySister has to say – The volume of the dress is what I loved the most! With just a pair of earrings and a bindi, I was good to go! The dress itself is accessorized with the minimalistic addition of tassels and shells. 🙂 


When one color rules your attire and the other disrupts it! ❤

The top was a perfect match to my sister’s linen pants! And as you can see, we didn’t have to do much to break the monotony! The tassels were enough but then Renu suggested the aumbry scarf as well! My sister’s look literally transformed from “my daily work wear” to “let explore something today”. 😀


#WhatMySister has to say – The top was super comfy and the tassels didn’t need much attention or maintenance as they were stitched tightly to the top! Whenever you want to match your attire and stick to one color, add a contrast to it!  If in a day, you plan to first go to work and then have some other plans, such tops and scarves are a must have.”


Playfully yours in Yellow!!! 

This one was my favourite!!! The touch and feel of the dress had “comfort and cotton” written all over it but the colors just added such a playful and cheery mood!


#WhatMySister has to say – I think my pose itself is enough to tell that this dress gives such a  “cheer up” kind of vibe!!! I was actually hopping on and off, walking swiftly and giggling my way through the crowd! 😀


For my sister and I, “beating the blues” means something completely different 😛 

The best part about Firroza dressing – Effortless fashion!! The cloth is pure cotton and has the perfect flare that you need for your maxi dresses! With a tinge of pink and an added belt, you will love the way it fits!


#WhatMySister has to say – It literally took me five minutes to get into this look and I felt as if I was ready to go anywhere! 😀 Aah the way it falls on one’s body and the belt (again suggested by Renu) was simply enough to look “occasion” as well “work” ready!


Well, that’s a wrap on our awesome collaboration with Firroza Clothing! It was one hell of an experience to witness the rush at the stall and see happy faces of customers at the stall! 🙂 A huge thanks to the Renu for being a complete sweetheart to us!

Pictures add all the life to our Instagram and WordPress page, so here’s us, taking a moment to thank the “man behind the scenes” – Suraj Uchil! 🙂


Also, it was a pleasant surprise to meet the people who follow our blog!! We hope to see you all soon someday somewhere like this and discuss our undying love for ethnic fashion!

5 thoughts on “Firroza Clothing – Be colorful and different always! :)

  1. I loved every bit of it….Renu is a very dear friend and I am here to thank u for such a beautiful blog…Both of u girls are just amazing…A bear hug for the two of u…Stay blssed…Keep rocking!!!!!!


  2. Amazing blog
    I actually refer to it from tym to tym incase of fashion dillemas
    However this may sound like a big ask though Summi ( i still never learnt to use ur official name 😁),i really need some advice on how to reuse ones wedding attire ,i have this white gown (an actual cinderella style ball gown) which i have no heart to put away in my closet itz too pretty to be locked into storage ,please help!!!
    As for shinu my heartiest congratulations onve again you and summi look beautiful as always
    U two are awesomeeeee


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