Maharani Baug – Celebrating beauty and power!

Hello, readers!!!! Hope Sunday is treating you well!!! 🙂
We can imagine the hustle of Diwali prep going on at your places and a lot of others just planning to step into the long weekend mood!!! 😀 Whatever it is, this festival brings its own charm and we are here to do our bit of spreading the ethnic love!
This festive season, we were fortunate to receive a jewellery package packed with love, age old royalty and tales of the queens who did not only wear the attitude of ”shakti” but believed in it. The jewellery sent to us by Maharani Baug left us speechless in every sense!
Their Facebook and Instagram page will take you through endless choices of accessories, stories straight out of the royal books and what not!!!! ❤
My sister could totally resonate with every piece of jewellery that came her way.So she decided to break all stereotypes by blending it into today’s fashion trends!

Who knew one could tuck in such beautiful hairpins!!! Let your hair loose with one of these!!! 🙂



The beauty of nose piercings is that there is one for each! It’s not just an accessory but a bold statement of the tradition and the spirit that your soul carries!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to fit these jewellery pieces with our daily clothes and start the Diwali week!!! We thank Maharani Baug for adding the much-needed delight to our collection and festive occasions!!! 😀



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