Gulaal Creations : A blend of color and comfort for my sister!

Beautiful colors and intricate ethnic prints make up for all that Rajasthan offers in terms of its clothing! Born in a jeweller’s family and traveling to different places, Akaansha did not only bring home some beautiful memories but also a lot of knowledge regarding fabrics, prints and color contrast. It was this interest that led to the birth of Gulaal.


As a brand, it lives up to its name i.e. the playful nature of colors and at the same time it takes care of the comfort and quality of the fabric! Oh and it’s obviously going to remind of Holi (see their collection and you will know why..its sooooooo colorful)! šŸ˜‰


When my sister received her package of a Gulaal attire, the colors just caught her attention at the very first sight. There was a certain sense of ease and softness in the material which remains unmatched! It fit perfectly well on her and trust me, the dress is an all occasion wear. All you need to do is play with accessories and your hair.

sheenu 3

I actually asked my sister, that if she has to wear the same dress to two places but in completely different way, how would it be? She said, her first look would be about “going bohemian” and second one would be something as simple as wearing it to visit her friends at the nearby cafe! šŸ™‚

sheenu 2

One thing is for sure, Gulaal is a brand for the people and by the people. The design and feel say a lot about how carefully Akaansha has considered the lifestyle of today’s people and curated something that fits in easily and helps you save time by being completely hassle free.

Thanks to Gulaal, the Rajasthani love and prints can now travel  to any part of India with  an assurity of style and comfort being packed iwth lots of efforts and warmth by the team. Follow them in this colorful journey and shop till you drop from their amazing range of collection just like we are going to! šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜€

A big shout out to Bell Peppers Cafe for showering us with so much love, support and fooooooooood! Conceptualising and ohtography by our favourite – Krishanu Roy   šŸ˜€ ā¤



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