7th August,2016 – National Handloom Day

Happy National Handloom Day to all our readers! 🙂

This year India celebrates it’s 2nd edition of National Handloom Day with an aim to remember the Swadeshi Movement which began on 7th august,1905! The thought behind celebrating this day is to give our handloom and fabric industry the much needed and well deserved applaud and recognition for the work that they have produced over centuries and managed to gain worldwide attention.

Since a year, my sister and I have been exploring ethnic fashion which has flourished as a trend only because of the solid support of Indian handloom and the hands behind it! There is an unimaginable amount of hard work and intricate detailing that goes behind producing one of the richest and the most sustainable forms of fashion in the world.


Closer to home, the recognition of these craftsmen, artisans and designers still has a long way to go. Since the day we started this blog, our aim was to build on the theme “being desi” inspired by my sister’s love for it! We were very fortunate to get a chance to work with a few brands that have not only acknowledged the potential of the Indian based handloom and fabric industry but have managed to provide a life of respect and sustainability for the people who pursue it as their passion or as their support system. More importantly, the creative minds in our countries have forgotten barriers and come together in producing some of the most amazing pieces of clothing! 🙂


Through our blog and Instagram page, we want to highlight the journey of many who till date believe in the eternal beauty and elegance of homegrown handloom and fabric industries. So hop on, as we take you through the journey of 5 brands which are fuelling this industry with their passion and creating the most sort after ethnic apparels! ❤

On My Own


This brand fuses ethnic and contemporary and releases a fresh collection regularly. Situated in the heart of Mumbai, it continues to  be a favourite label for those who love to mix and match their desi attire!

“I’ve always had the same kind of style and interest in fabrics even when I was in sales at The Hyatt. And growing up in Delhi, I was always exposed to nice handlooms. There was a certain kind of confidence I felt about how I should dress and what I liked,” she says of her decision to switch careers.” – Arti Shantakuma (DNA)

 20 years and counting, we love the energy and the efforts of  O.M.O team in creating a timeless line of clothing. Here is the link to their blog and Facebook page.

House of Wandering Silk

At House of Wandering Silk, textiles are not just textiles; 

they’re stories.

That’s because our pieces are

made by hand from beginning to end,

bringing together the skills, traditions

and cultures of artisanal communities from across Asia. 

Each artisan, each place and each technique adds to this story,

and we are their story tellers.”

The H.O.W.S team supports underprivileged people by creating employment opportunities for them and making the H.O.W.S family bigger and happier everyday! This brand has fused Indian handloom almost into everything that desi fashion should have – from clothing to accessories, the collection is never ending! 🙂

Click here to be a part of their noble journey!


Their motto – “Working women for working women”

Since 20 years, the brand has been encouraging 100s of  women in Gujarat to pursue their creativity, passion and perseverance towards producing the most amazing collection of home linen, clothing, bags and what not!? The love and hardwork travels from a small village Mikhapur to almost all parts of the country!

Follow their journey here! Also, a blog dedicated to the day we spent with the beautiful rural women of Mikhapur! 🙂



A brand that weaves cotton and comfort!!! 🙂

The best friends who founded the brand promote the fashion of “cotton clothing” and continue to produce some amazing apparels out of the most comfortable fabric of all – cotton! ❤ There is some more on the blog and their Facebook page! ❤


“We prefer the dexterity of human hands over the monotony of assembly lines. That’s why we take the pain to keep it all HANDCRAFTED. Allowing us to chase imperfections that make each and everyone of our garments a bit like you; ONE OF A KIND.”

We were lucky to meet the team behind this brand who narrated the story of how they have tied up with the handloom workers and craftsmen to fabricate a clothing line of one of its kind! From the comfortable light fabric to its quirky block prints, this brand is a collective effort of handloom and design veterans.

The blog and the website are nothing less than a storybook of Seventeen05 clothes and their designs! 🙂

As my sister says, from a high end fashion brand such as Sabyasachi to someone tailoring and customising  the art of ethnic fashion at a local store in different parts of India, the aim is to encourage and celebrate this day as a way of life! 🙂



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