“Crop” and Roll with O.M.O!

Hola amigos!!! This weekend we had the best time of our lives shooting with our beloved brand – On My Own!!! 😀 It’s one of those places that will surely transform your wardrobe and mood!

Crop tops are everywhere and a lot has been happening around it! But have you paired it up the ethnic way yet? We did!!! 🙂 Thanks to the OMO team and my sister, we paired their new collection of crop tops in the quirkiest way ever!! The collection will be out this week and we are super-duper excited to buy some for ourselves! But before we do that we would love to have all you pretty ladies on board to shop along with us at their Bandra outlet!

In case you love a crop top and you are wondering how to dress it all up, don’t you worry because whatever you need around it, be it the skirts, pants or even sarees (yes you read it right..Sarees!) , it’s all there at the shop.

I don’t think we need to stress on the fact that how “in” crop tops are for everyone around the globe! I have seen a lot of women wearing one and oh my god it looks gorgeous! So we couldn’t keep our hands off the tops and would love to share the look!

We have quite a few looks to offer and we can’t thank Krishanu enough for shooting it so beautifully!!!! ❤

*Perks of being the little one* The mood was so great, even I tagged along for a few looks! My sister made sure I match up to her style quotient! 🙂

Sarees being the new Quirky!








Brighten up your day ladies!








Unusually Stylish




Super festive mood







IMG_8501 (1)


All the crop tops in this blog are up for grabs at their Bandra store! 🙂

For us, in very few meetings On My Own is our happy place! It’s simple, we cover desi love and this brand has literally showers the best of what “being desi” has to offer!!! 😀

Photographer : Krishanu Roy 

Stylists : Ankita Kaushal and Ateev Anand

Brand : On My Own (O.M.O), Bandra

Signing off with a big smile and a warm hug! 🙂

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