On My Own – The best of ethnic! (Edition 1)

It’s almost been a year since we started blogging and the journey has been great.  What makes us proud about the past 12 months is the deep interest we have in covering ethnic trends and styles without any monetary gains involved!  And we did this only because it gave us the freedom to follow the work of those people and brands that we really really loooooved!


On a hot sunny afternoon, traveling from one end to the other end of Mumbai can literally make you question your existence and everything else around it. We were just talking about “Why are we doing this?”…  Basically cribbing about our own blog! :/  It’s not like this is our business or we can’t survive without doing this….and la la la about how it was getting exhausting for the two of us! And all this while we were on our way to visit the place that was our next collaboration (I mean…this one :P).

We reached this lane in Bandra, and the prettiest house at the corner of the lane was actually a store called On My Own, our next project! As we entered the place, we were welcomed by the sweetest store manager, Mrs. Bharti and as Ateev, the operations manager puts it, “the jaaaaaan of OMO, Mumbai.” Let me tell you, we couldn’t have agreed more after we met her! She told us about this 20 years old brand and about the woman behind this wonderful idea, Aarti, another sweetheart whose creativity flows through everything in the store, be it the layout or the collection, or a humble conversation with her. Bharti got us familiar to the ethnic collection by taking us around the store and telling us about how a team of hardworking, super creative, passionate and super adorable people have been together and bringing out the best collection for their customers. Well, let me tell you, we have never drooled so much over a place before! 😛

Behind the scenes – Bharti helping my sister with this gorgeous crop top!

The collection is the best in town in terms of ethnic and comfort! It’s a one stop shop for all your desi shopping!!!!!  And you will soon see why! ❤ So here is presenting, the biggest and the awesome”est” project till date – OMO – Edition 1! 🙂

Look 1 – Asymmetrical dresses with chunk pieces of jewelry are the best companion for a playful mood! 🙂


Look 2 – This super stylish crop top is a must have for its color combination and the comfort!!! Pair it up your way! 😉


Look 3 – This is my sister’s summer essential choice for obvious reasons – totally in vogue yet comfortable! 


Look 4 – Who said office wear is a tough task!? 🙂 My sister finds this outfit as her most ideal one for her daily work life! It takes care of your comfort and style for the entire day!


Look 5 – A cheery off – white attire for summers!!! ❤ 


At the start of this blog, I was telling you people about how we went into this cribbing mode. But then brands like these and people as wonderful as Aarti, Ateev, Bharti and her cute little daughter Ayushi, who put their hearts in getting ethnic fashion to the people is what keeps us going! A special mention to Krishanu Roy, our official photographer who gave it all to add life to this project with his amazing pictures! Thanks buddy! 🙂

When one little one meets the other! 🙂 Ayushi..you sweetheart! Lets naacho! 😀

Can’t wait to see what you lovely ladies are planning to buy from here! Till then..lots of love! 🙂 ❤


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