It must have been some eventful day when three close friends decided to pursue their exuberant passion for fashion and style. This is how Karpasa came into existence, a name derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘Cotton Clothing’.Their designs stand for simplicity yet richness and style evoking sensuality with a modern and ethnic refined style.


“Now a days everyone is modernizing and forgetting what we came from and where we belong to- Cotton was one of the first fabrics that was weaved and produced and everyone wore clothes made out of it. Today various fabrics have replaced cotton but the comfort and feel of cotton cannot be replaced.”

It was only after gaining thorough knowledge about the market and various market trends that gave Karpasa the boost to bring something which is unique or niche to ethnic fashion. The idea was to create awareness about cotton and its various benefits such as it’s the most soft and a breathable fabric.

So why Karpasa? Why will you love them the way my sister does? Whether you are a boho chic or a classic addict or a casual lover- they have a style to suit your statement on every occasion. 😉


Look 1

The idea of monochromatic maxis and jackets/shirts is never out of fashion! 🙂


Look 3

My personal favorite! Who wouldn’t love a combination of these colors! 😀

Look 4

The “bronze and oxidized” shades are the best way to layer up your basics! 😉


These outfits are just a few of Karpasa’s wonderful collection. Follow them and you will know that how they revamp their style time and again, keeping in mind the traditional culture and meeting the current trends. With the past culture we try and meet the needs of the cuts and silhouettes of the modern today and we love Karpasa for that. ❤ 🙂

So choose your favorite comfy dress right out of a Karpasa closet and we assure you the comfort and attention! 😉 :*

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