House of Wandering Silk 2.0

As promised, this blog is going to talk about the second set of collection that the House of Wandering Silk.These neck-pieces made of silk covered wooden beads talk volume,contrast and vibrancy. 🙂


When we received the neck-pieces by Katherine, our eyes couldn’t stop glittering because of the delightful colours we could see in front of us. Each and every neck-piece was very light yet had so many layers to it! The silk fabric used to make these pieces give a subtle shine to the colourful neck-piece.

My sister couldn’t keep her hands off from these three neck-pieces and here’s how she paired them up! Keeping the outfit either pastel or black, she left the “stylish” part of the outfit to be played by the neck-piece. Made of silk, these neck-pieces add colour to the simplest or the most basic outfits and turn them into an easy comfortable outfit for occasions or functions.

Look 1

Make those dull colours come lively during the day with this multi coloured neckpiece. My sister has been loving this attire and the way she paired it up! Well, I am loving it tooooo! 😀 ❤

6   5


Look 2

Pastel coloured suits on my sister always look so pretty. And this teal and pink neckpiece is just the perfect accessory she needs to enhance the attire! 🙂

15   14(2)


Look 3

This seems to be a good idea. 🙂 Off-shoulder dresses and neckpiece have always been a girl’s favourite!




House of Wandering Silk is your one stop shop for an elegant and vibrant set of accessories that will amplify the outfits. Sometimes its just good to go easy on the attire and let the neckpiece do some drama! 😉


3 thoughts on “House of Wandering Silk 2.0

  1. Necklaces are lovely…. so is your attire….your understanding of fashion is great and unique….great blog! Where is this shot? Place?


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