The House of Wandering Silk 1.0

Every once in a while we all read stories about a few people who are doing something amazing with their life. But the ones who leave a mark are those who are playing their bit to bring a change in the society!
I know, I know. Why am I writing this here, on a fashion blog!? Well, if not for this blog, we wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to come across Katherine Neuman, Founder & Director of the House of Wandering Silk (HOWS) – a social business founded in New Delhi which narrates the story of  “silk (and other natural textiles) making its long journey from the industrious hands of weavers, transformed into unique products by the nimble fingers of female artisans, and ending its journey with our socially-conscious customers who understand the importance of balancing exquisite design and high quality with the urgency of addressing poverty and inequality”.

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To give you a clearer idea of how this works, this video clip talks about a girl from the rural land of Kolkata, who is working with the HOWS and how much this job means to her. Their website talks about everything you need to know about their business, collection, makers etc.

So what do we have in store for our readers this time! THE HOUSE OF WONDERING SILK 1.0 is going to be all about the scarves and stoles that are carefully woven and crafted out by some of the most creative and humble people. It was very sweet of Katherine to send us the collection that we wanted to cover for this blog! I remember my sister and I were going through the catalog, and I could not stop yapping about how cool the stuff was! The collection is truly for the wandering souls! 🙂 Well my sister was the luckier one who got to select the best of the scarves and stoles that she blended with her own outfits. She told me how she could feel the rich texture, contrast and the material of the fabric that was so light yet enchanting.

Sometimes “accessories” is not about having the right pair of earrings or a neck piece! Its that extra piece of cloth, be it a  scarf, shrug or a bow tie that accentuates the attire! 🙂

Look 1 – Brighten up the day at college or work with this Silk Scarf

Next time you want to wear a loose basic kurta or a shirt, think of splashing a few colors on the outfit by planning it out with a rich colored scarf and every time there can be a different technique to pull it off just like my sister did! 😉

3 (2)


1 (1)

Look 2 – For that extra flare to your outfit, Shrug is a must!

An all time favorite for any pretty woman is to wear a complete top to bottom black outfit! And yes, shrugs like these can add up to the style quotient. The color,flare and texture of this Kantha shrug is a complete opposite to the body fit black cotton outfit, but together they make one attractive outfit!!



3 (1)

Look 3- Bow Tie for the Tom Boy look

This silk kantha bow tie  made its way to my sister’s wardrobe for all the good reasons! 🙂



Well these three looks that my sister planned,couldn’t be as stylish as they look, without these magnificent accessories from the House of Wandering Silk. So ladies , go ahead and check it for yourself. A big..big..big salute to an amazing woman like Katherine and her team who are working towards making this society a better place by giving the beautiful minds in our rural areas a chance to define their identity and also earn a respectful living. 🙂

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