Little did we know that in the heart of Pune city there was someone beautifully carving her thoughts and expressions into some amazing pieces of jewellery. Our meeting with Leena at her jewellery workshop was an eye opener for my sister and me to a world of handmade neckpieces, lockets, pendants and earrings!


My sister came across this beautiful collection of jewellery work on Instagram and Facebook and it did not take us long for collaborating with a home grown brand Bindurekha . Founded in 2009 by the husband wife duo of Leena and Manish Bindurekha aims at designing and crafting premium range designer accessories which will appeal to the tastes of the Indian women and also sync with their broad range of apparel. The focus was on creating something which is not readily available in the market and provide an option to those who were interested in designer fashion accessories. When we met Leena, we could feel the passion and creativity that she had for designing such exotic pieces.

The intricacies we saw on that table and the attention that was given to each piece while being designed and produced was an inspiration to us as to how anything beautiful and magnificent requires dedication and spark.We were told that Bindurekha means “a line of dots, a verse”, and yes the neck pieces and earrings are actually an organized cluster of beads, threads and metal put together.

We sat with Leena for over an hour to decide on what piece will go on which attire. It was then when we got to know that Bindurekha also made customized jewellery for its clients and it was then when we saw Leena being quick and quirky with what she wanted to make for a few of my sister’s attires.

So here’s presenting Bindurekha’s collection of jewellery –

Statement Neckpiece

These two neckpieces are the most precious ones that Leena has designed. The silver chunk is actually a “khandani piece” and a silver “kada”. She has not only kept it safe but has also turned it into a royal piece of art!

The silver piece here is actually a “kada” that has been beautifully entangled with violet and yellow threads!
This piece is such a perfect fit for the a formal dress where you want to add a splash of ethnic!
A statement nekcpiece made out of a precious silver chunk of jewellery.
A maxi black dress and this neckpiece is an amazing idea for a dinner get together.

Dhaatu – Storyteller Neckpieces

Dhaatu series is Bindurekha’s flagship series and their USP in offering a totally distinct and exclusive product. The pendants you will see are actually designed on metal sheets that are sourced, cut and processed at the workshop. Later it is enhanced with texture, color and enamel. The best part is how Leena converts any metal into a gorgeous storyteller.

The story of Rasleela is depicted on this Dhaatu Neckpiece! A base of blue and golden adds a lot of glamour to an entire white traditional attire. IMG_9865
A traditional woman has been crafted out beautifully on this dhaatu neckpiece.


 Dhaatu Jewellery Set

Bindurekha also has a collection of Dhaatu jewellery set and that too according what you want the set to be! From setting the right color to the design, all can be done by you and Leena will surely make it the way you want! 🙂




Beaded Neckpiece

I will never forget the chaos of beads that I got to see under one roof and how they looked scattered all over the table and then each bead was picked up and systematically arranged. Before you knew it, there it was; a beaded neck piece to compliment my sister’s dress.

15   14

Neckpiece for Casual Occasions

Are you up for a cup of coffee? Or is it a geeky day before your exams? I am asking you this because of the quirky pieces she makes for such day to day occasions! It’s a must for those office or college days when you want to accessorize something “hatke”! 😀

Geeky Neckpiece! So cool! 😀
Completely crushing on this “coffee” embedded neckpiece.

Earrings by Bindurekha

The pair of earrings we got for the blog are unique due to its subtle play of beads and metal art. The best part is that these earrings are not only a good idea for western outfits but also traditional attires.

8    7

11313528_1854007608156842_1101531118_n 2936-30161-1417546529283-Bindu-Rekha-Red-Wooden-Beads-Small-Metal-Leaf-Earrings

Bindurekha is a pure blend of ethnic and western art work of jewellery thereby making it unique and attractive for any attire in your wardrobe that needs to be accessorized! Every time you can expect a new piece of handmade neckpiece or a pair of earrings from this designer brand and that too at a very reasonable price, hence giving the client another reason to buy it over and over again!

This collection is available on the following accounts by the name of Bindurekha – Instagram and Facebook. Go ahead and flaunt your custom made or freshly designed jewellery piece and surely review it on either of the pages! 😉 ❤

Here is a little “Thank You” note to Leena and Manish for being such sweethearts to us! It has been a pleasure to work with you guys for this post. ❤ 🙂

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