Spend your weekend at the Local Flea Market, just like we did! ;)

Last weekend my sister and I decided to go and check out a near by flea market just for fun. To our surprise these stalls at the exhibition turned out to be so good that we couldn’t control ourselves and we ended up buying some things at very reasonable prices! *wohhhoooo* *happy dance* 😀

Adding some beads, coins and jhumkis to our jewellery basket! 

A good collection of ethnic neck-pieces, jhumkis, bangles and anklets at the first stall just pulled us towards all of it and then began our search for what we wanted to take home.


What all did we buy –

Turquoise blue beaded neck piece with an oxidized silver pendant and earrings



Only if we could buy all those Jootis!


Jootis!!! These were one of its kind collection! We got to see handmade Phulkari, Pakistani, Achkan, Beaded ones and colorful leather style jootis!
P.S. : Mustard Oil keeps the jootis in shape and color for a longer duration. 😉

What did we buy – 

Bright red jootis go so well on denims as well as salwars.  The color can brighten up the dullest of shades!


Those comfy Jaipuri printed pants! 

My sister paired up these printed jaipuri pants and the oxidized jewellery with a plain white chikan kurti. The prints were in all colors and patterns and are a good alternative to the same old chudidars and salwars.


What did we buy –

Jaipuri print multi color pants on a base of Purple, blue and white.

Phulkari Jackets! We love!!!

As we came to the last few shops, we found this stall with a collection of phulkari and kashmiri work on almost all sorts of ethnic work. We saw kurtis and chudidars with colorful Kashmiri work. What caught my sister’s attention was the sleeveless half jacket!

PicsArt_1435434018890 PicsArt_1435434140518

What did we buy –

Phulkari work on a base of black jacket. Its a great way to spice up those dark or pastel colors! 😉

The flea market is up for another week at Inorbit Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. It has some amazing ethnic collection at very reasonable prices! So go check it out soon!

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