The “Ikat Tales” of my Sister

From the land of Indonesia, traveled a dyeing technique – IKAT meaning, “to tie” or “to bind”. Its not just restricted to clothing, you will find ikat patterns on bags, home decor, shoes etc. Basically, you name it and its there!


Each ikat fabric tells the story of the several hands that touch it. To create each ikat textile, the yarn is tie-dyed by hand and then hand-woven on looms by the artisans from the village of Pochampally in Andhra Pradesh. Both the warp and the weft when enmeshed together create a symphony of colors and motifs that emerge in the woven fabric.” 

-I came across this beautiful description and collection on an online marketplace Jaypore 🙂

What really surprises me is the creative pattern and the blend of colors. Every ikat pattern you will come across has a base color and on top of it is a blend of dyes to give it the best shade and texture.

Thanks to traveling in Mumbai city, I come across this print often. Surprisingly, each time a different one!

With the collection we have, we gave this traditional textile a new edge with the way my sister wore it! And this time, she made me try it too!

“This ikat pattern is not good.”, said no one ever! 😉

Look 1 : Presenting the Cape

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

Posting this one as the first look because I looooove it! 🙂DSC_0176 About my Sister’s Attire :
Cape : Ardra, Times Ethnic Fashion Village, Mumbai, 2014
Dress : Cotton World
Accessories : Neck piece – Westside DSC_0136About my attire :
Cape : Ardra, Times Ethnic FAshion Village, Mumbai, 2014
Top : Mother Earth
Pants : Cotton World

Isn’t it lovely? An ethnic touch to western outfits always enhances the entire look! I remember when we did an outdoor shoot with this look, how the wind played with the cape and actually added a natural flare to it when my sister walked! DSC_0030

Look 2 : Ikat Basics

When she wants to keep it effortless, she keeps it simple with a twist! *clever*.
So the second look is how to rock basic denims and kurti. DSC_0127About the attire –
Kurta – Purchased the cut piece from Mangaldas market, Crawford
Denims – Cotton World
Dupatta – Biba
Accesories : Silver Earrings – A local jewellery store at MG Road, Pune

This ancient technique can never go out of fashion and hence the tales of ikat are spread across different cultures and continents! Let us know about

5 thoughts on “The “Ikat Tales” of my Sister

  1. I was wondering if Ikat was part of the Odisha handloom within India? Or at least that’s how the boutique marketed it to me. There’s a lot of character in the photographs, I enjoy browsing through. You inspire me to have a refined wardrobe!


  2. Great collection of ikat….your writeup is inspiring….makes me wanna buy them too!
    I am a photographer too! Location is amazing…where is this shot?


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