Today’s rains and shoot took us to this little heavenly place – The Chaai Center!

Nothing compliments the aroma of wet soil like the aroma of a kulhad vali chai!

Today’s shoot started like any other day but soon turned out to be very different! Well lets say, the rains were breaking the dry spell and this called for a celebration and shelter! 😛

So we took all our “taam jhaam” from the outdoor locations to a cozy ambiance! This got us to “Chaai Center”.

IMG-20150608-WA0003 IMG-20150608-WA0001

What really gave us the kick to be here was the ambiance and the menu!
The variety of tea this place serves is unbelievable and surely worth your time trying them out. The menu has all kinds of tea you could think of! I have to mention that the staff at Chaai Center were very friendly and welcoming!

IMG-20150608-WA0006 IMG-20150608-WA0000

A new place always leaves me curious regarding the menu and the ambiance! So here I met the man behind the whole set up, who also has a vast collection of flavored tea leaves. He actually explained to me how he managed to get around 300 flavors of tea under one roof and then helped me find my cup of tea amidst all the captivating aromas and tea leaves!

My sister settled for a kulhad vaali chaai for an obvious reason – baaarish! I did take a sip from it and it was a perfect blend of tea masala, elaichi and adrak. Ek dum kadak!!! 😉


As I was going through the long enticing list, still deciding on what to have, I came across all my favorite flavors like vanilla, lemongrass and above all, peach!
A little background on the peach flavor! The first time I ever had it was in McLeodganj, Dharamshala! Till date, no tea or coffee has come close to that flavor and aroma! But today, at Chaai Center the hot peach tea was like a rush that took me back to the beautiful hills! Even the cold beverages like frappes and iced teas have an exotic touch to it with flavors like hibiscus and passion fruit on the list! You would definitely want a change from the same old menu of cold beverages at the standard cafes! Right? 😉


Thanks to the rains, we found this little hideout for ourselves and enjoyed sipping our cups of tea! Worth a visit! 🙂

You can find the details about this place on Zomato.

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